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only a little bit compared to 2008 ... >> at a u.s. senator who has represented indiana since 1977 can no longer vote in his home precinct republican richard lugar lost his residency fight yesterday in an election board in indiana voted 2-1 along party lines to strip him of his eligibility he sold his home in indianapolis and has lived in virginia ever since he was first elected a source at the national republican senatorial committee believes that the decision will not stand a colleague of senator mark kirk says that the senator's mind is sharp and he is coming back as he continues to recover from a stroke at the rehabilitation institute of chicago john shimkus says he has no doubt that the senator can cast knowledgeable votes today gov. quinn is appealing the fema decision not to help downstate areas that were destroyed by tornadoes or earlier this month the tornado that's what your harrisburg was one of many that hit the midwest over two weeks ago fema assessed the damage but denied the state's request for federal assistance fema found that private insurance state funding and char
season's big success. they made it all the way to the final four. vcu takes on fourth-seeded indiana tomorrow. i think that's consistent with my bracket. >> you've got them all the way to the top. >> yes, sir. >> other local teams did not fare as well as rcu. loyola of maryland lost to ohio state -- ouch -- 78-59. the loss ended a record year for the greyhounds. they won 24 of their games, most in the school's history. loyola won just a single game eight years ago. that was a year before the current head coach, jimmy petsos, took over the program. >>> and west virginia's season is over. the mountaineers fell to gonzaga 77-54. gonzaga -- zaga? scored 13 points in the final 12 minutes of the first half to blow open the game. west virginia ended the season with a 19-14 record. this was also the mountaineers' last game of the big east conference. they'll play in the big 12 next season. >> gallon zonzagagonzaga, an al. >>> two local teams in action. georgetown takes on belmont at 3:10. virginia plays florida this afternoon. that game tips off at 2:10. >> i always mispronounce that. >> i k
from themselves, if you will, indiana governor mitch daniels, there he is. you're watching "hardball," only on msnbc. looking good! you lost some weight. you noticed! these clothes are too big, so i'm donating them. how'd you do it? eating right, whole grain. [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't. multigrain cheerios... five whole grains, 110 calories. >>> we've got new poll numbers now on the potential november election matchups. let's go to the "hardball" scoreboard. according to a new fox news poll, president obama's leading all of his republican rivals now. he's over 4 over mitt romney, 46/42. against santorum, the president's lead is 12. 51/39. he leads ron paul by the same margin, 12 points, 50/38, in that case. and his widest lead is against gingrich, because gingrich is out of this, 53/35, 18-point spread between the president, which pretty much destroys newt's case that the republican party would ever turn to him in any kind of convention. we'll be right back. >>> welcome back to "hardball." we've got a great guest no
than that, right? our rundown on the market is next. plus not so sweet home. while indiana senator's political headache on residency just became a full blown migraine. first today's trivia question. which 19th century president banned wine and liquor from the white house? tweet me the answer at chuck todd and at daily rundown. first correct answer will get a follow up friday from us. the answer coming up. [ shapiro ] at legalzoom, you can take care of virtually all your important legal matters in just minutes. now it's quicker and easier for you to start your business... protect your family... and launch your dreams. at legalzoom.com, we put the law on your side. to the perfect swisssh. it's about zero weight, 100% more nourishment, which means hair that's not weighed down. introducing new aqua light from pantene. our lightweight conditioning formula nourishes then rinses clean in seconds, leaving hair perfectly conditioned to swisssh. new aqua light collection from pantene. nourishment with zero weight. pantene. hair so healthy it shines. hi, i just switched jobs, and i want to ro
. tie. garrett stud. 3 ball won't go but classic, shocker 62-59 indiana next. runner-up gonzaga playing west virginia. 7:10 match up all 7 beyond the arc in the first half load by 18 at the break then in the second. the board. lay up. foul. zack when they face highway next. he. >> lasted only a you matter of hours. a first round draft pick. artist formerly known as catherine jack will return to san san tell yo jevr averages 9 points a game but the real story is with willingness to pick up extra year on the deal for 11 million dollars. that's what the spurs to take inal nars also bought second right trip there will be pick and player to move up in the summer draft. do or die time for the schwartz. start wing or forget the post shown shoot out against nashville. arrive in style. first period fred on the power play. patrick horn quist depends auntie 'em with nothing. predator. shark open the power play. buck of right to thornton on the door step. 16 to tie it at one. scoreless to the shoot out brian low just trickle it past the blocker l. >> only goal to lead them 1
. shockers. tie. garrett stud. 3 ball won't go but classic, shocker 62-59 indiana next. runner-up gonzaga playing west virginia. 7:10 match up all 7 beyond the arc in the first half load by 18 at the break then in the second. the board. lay up. foul. zack when they face highway next. he. >> lasted only a you matter of hours. a first round draft pick. artist formerly known as catherine jack will return to san san tell yo jevr averages 9 points a game but the real story is with willingness to pick up extra year on the deal for 11 million dollars. that's what the spurs to take inal nars also bought second right tr t
, fattyes, and voters in indiana to speaka the english. santorum is reminding puerto ricans to be in compliance with federal law, english needs to be the principal language. and, sure, there is no such special law. ( laughter ) but it sure feels like there is. and rick santorum always speaks what feels like the truth. for instance, last month, when he spoke out on the dangers of socialized medicine. >> in the netherlands, people wear different bracelets. and the bracelet is, "do not euthanize me." half the people euthanized every year, 10% of all deathes, half of those people are euthanized involuntarily because they are older and sick. >> stephen: shocking, and turns out, not true. ( laughter ) evidently santorum's comments about the netherlandss were yanked out of his nether-parts. but that disappoint matter. as his press secretary explained to the netherlands news leader-- >> as a dutch reporter i have to ask you something what he said about holland and euthanasia. he said people wear bracelets in holland that say do not euthanize me and people are involuntarily euthan
commonwealth with the upset 62-59. the 12 seeded vcu will face off against four seed indiana in the next round. boy, do they look good. >>> last night lie ole la, -- lyola, inned midtaking on ohio state. 19 points for the gray hounds but the buckeyes were too much. ohio state facing gonzaga next. >>> the wizards aren't making a lot of news on the court this year but made a big trade-off shipping two recognizable names out of town. the wiz get a player in the nuggets along with brian cook and a 200015 draft pick from the clippers. the move puts a little life into the wizards last night. they were visiting my hometown and the hornets in new orleans. john wall scored 26 for d.c. five of the players were in double digits. the wiz beat the bad hornet team 99-89. d.c. visits atlanta tonight. >> when they spread the wealth around, that's when they have a shot to win. good job, wiz. >>> still ahead this morning. the push for a casino at national harbor hits the spotlight in annapolis. >> some people may be pushing outside the apple store. the new ipad is released today. this is what it looked like in
and indiana. the big story seems to be the temperature. time lapse camera showed it was a beautiful day out there. i temperatures of 81 degrees. that destroyed the previous record of high temperature. tomorrow we probably will not challenge the record. the temperatures before long are expected to shoot back into the '80s. where is the cold air. it is to our north. it will stay up there until probably one week from friday. you have another seven days to go before we get any relief or change in the temperatures. a lot of people are enjoying this weather. tonight at a cold front has passed across lake michigan turning the winds northeast it brought some cool air a short. this represents a 28 degree drop in temperature at o'hare airport. 53 degrees as we speak. the winds are not a factor at this moment. the wind speeds generally between 5-10 mi. per hour. do point temperature mostly in the upper forties or low 50s but as the temperature drops, that makes way for a little fog. we have been noticing it diminishing visibility throughout the evening. the only areas at the moment under a dense fog a
throws down to the end. 28 seconds left, a one and one they miss and keith smart for indiana hits the shot to win it 74-73 for indiana. and then in 1993, the infamous chris webber time-out that michigan didn't have for the fab five. and that secures dean smith's second and last national championship at north carolina. so i think some new orleans voodoo here could be happening. >> i'm not trying to rub it in, but you mentioned syracuse. are you aware they almost lost yesterday? >> i am. i actually was working yesterday. i caught it out of the corner of my eye. >> you were preparing for this segment. that is work. >> i was, absolutely. i think they were one of the number one seeds in the tournament. you know, they look shaky right now. >> let's move on to number two. this is a feel-good story. which will have the feel-good story of 2012. >> i think you have to feel about about the murray state team right now. they're a six seed. they played great yesterday. they just blew out colorado state. they have got an interesting kid, isaiah cannon, who's their guard who's actually from missi
for indiana hits the shot to hit it 74-73 for indiana. in 1993, the infamous chris weber time-out that michigan didn't are for the fab five. that secures dean smith's second and last national championship at north carolina. so i think some new orleans voodoo here could be happening. >> i'm not trying to rub it in. >> you mentioned syracuse. almost lost yesterday -- >> i watched that game. i shouldn't say that. i actually was working yesterday. i caught it out of the corner of my eye. >> preparing for this segment. >> absoluteliment. >> they're one of the number one seeds in the tournament. you know, they look shaky right now. >> let's move on to number two. feel good story. which school has the feel-good story of 2012? >> you have to feel good about the murray state racers. they were undefeated for much of the seasonment they're now 31-1. they're a sixth seed. they played great yesterday, blew out colorado state. they have an interesting kid, isaiah cannon. a guard from mississippi. but went through all the horrors of katrina. so the racers are a team, i think, they play marqu
in indiana. scott. >> caller: jim, hey, boo-yah from south bend, indiana, notre dame fighting i iron country. >> man, i wish kyle were here. we have a stage director who really loves notre dame. me, i can take it or leave it. no, i actually like notre dame. what's going on? >> caller: i'm interested in what you think about psmt price mart. they've had pretty strong revenue growth, but it scares me a little bit at double the industry average and they've missed earnings estimates the last two quarters. i'm wondering if you would buy it. >> no, scott, i think you correctly summed up the situation. i'm going to send you to costco both in stock and in store. that's a better situation. and by the way, costco had an unbelievable quarter. and it's still -- i can't believe to buy for my charitable trust, it just has it. >>> unlike me, i want you not to commit a fashion faux pas by picking up some urban outfitters. i'm siding with the bears in this one. and not just because this is the ugliest outfit i've ever worn on "madey."stay with cramer. >>> coming up -- the clock is ticking. call cramer at 1-80
, ohio, pennsylvania and you may lose indiana if you make that argument. and i hope you do. i hope republicans make that argument because that is an argument for failure. there's no way you're going to win on that. there's no way. >> we will see. i think bailouts are very unpopular. jennifer ruben, keith boykin, mark simone, thank you very much. >>> now, folks, volume low. the vix volatility index lower. but if you're in the stock market, your portfolio is a whole lot higher again this week. we are in a pretty darn good bull market. we're going to talk about how long the rally can run. and then jimmy cramer pays us a quick visit for a bonus pick of what he's looking for next week. >>> and regarding bailouts and everything else, folks. please don't forget, free market capitalism still the best path to prosperity. keith boykin, "the kudlow report" is coming right back. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 let's talk about fees. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 there are atm fees. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 account service fees. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 and the most dreaded fees of all, hidden fees. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 at cha
of the tournament. i don't know if we can call it an upset with vc yurks anymore. they win 62-59. they get indiana tomorrow night. it's been 66 years now since harvard has been to the ncaa tournament. the 12th seed crimson takes on my vanderbilt come mon doors. jeffrey tailor with the steal hammers it down. vanderbilt opened an 18-point lead but give harvard credit. they came back. a late rally. a steal here. brandon curry going to lay it in. cuts the lead to nine. little bit of a panic time for vanderbilt fans because we've seen this before. head coach kevin stalling not pleased. his team holds on to win. they held off harvard winning 79-70. vanderbilt against wisconsin tomorrow night. three seed baylor, a lot of people picking an upset in this one. uniforms that make oregon football blush. look at these things. stop it. taking on 14th seeded south dakota state. the jack rabbits open with a 14-5 run. pierre jackson. he's good. left-handed lay-up. baylor up eight at the break. second half, baylor's offense starts clicking. they survive a bit of a scare. they hold on to win 68-60. they get unlv nex
with indiana. the last game of the night, colorado beet at their rival. >> vcu's win is not a complete surprise. >> we will see what happens when the tournament continues. 16 more games. georgetown will open play against belmont. in about -- an hour before that, tennessee and virginia kicks off -- virginia kicks off against florida. >> nick young and javale mcgee are gone. the wizards higet nene brian cook. they beat new orleans clotheslined. >> still another half an hour of "good morning washington." joe williams joins us to look at the next round of political elections. >> the local boys on this morning. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington" -- on your side. >> breaking news. in amber a lark for a missing boy canceled. we have a live report. >> this summer he is on the way out. we find out in a few minutes. it is friday morning. i am steve chenevey. >> i am pamela brown. breaking news for the search from and abducted nine-year-old boy. the amber alert is now canceled. investigators say wuilbert garcia has been found in nevada. his mother is in custody. john gonzalez joins us fr
surge from wichita state's two events to the n.c.a.a. tournament round. a 52-59 upset win. indiana will play on saturday. colorado was also a winner. that was the last game of the night. >> now look at today's action. >> the georgetown hoyas played belmont at 3:00 this afternoon. it worked out yesterday in columbus, ohio. the georgetown hoyas are aware of the talent at belmont. one of their seven losses this season was by one point to duke. >> they can shoot very well. they are a good team. 14-game winning streak speaks volumes. >> we cannot look at them being 14. we have to look at them as any other team half the plant. >> we have come to play hard to. the georgetown is favored in the game. virginia will play the florida gators at 2:10 this afternoon. have a great day, everybody. tgif. a lot of distractions today with basketball and the good weather. >> no complaints. >> it's 49 degrees. the news continues at 5:30. >> violence in a quiet neighborhood in fairfax. the latest on the search for a man who attacked a woman. >> temperatures are still very mild, not record-breaking today.
are not going to let these jobs go on a slow boat to china on the internet to indiana or on a fast -- india or a fast track to mexico. >> the notion that it was the only way to save the industry. it didn't happen in the airline industry. >> the airline industry wasn't facing liquidation. we will be right back, though, with this discussion with tom del bacarra, chairman of the republican party in california. >> california republican party, we were right in the middle of a discussion about the policies that these candidates could take on to actually create jobs in america. and tom, i do want to ask you about this in all seriousness. i know we both can deinvolve devolve to talking points. but how to create jobs when we are in a global economy and when we have economic conmpetitors like china like jamiegermany, like russia, like india who are actively interveneing in their markets to be able to get jobs and to get our jobs, who are aggressive about going after it, and the idea of relying upon old economic theory, which was very valid maybe in the last century or $0.02
and modeled our law that was upheld in indiana by the supreme court that 6-3 decision decided that it wasn't overly burdensome to require citizens have an i.d. it's common sense legislation to protect the integrity of the vote so every vote that is cast that vote is counted. that is our goal to ensure that each legally cast vote of every citizen is counted. as a veteran i want to make sure that every citizen is able to vote and their vote is not cancelled out by the forces of corruption as we've seen taken place throughout the history of pennsylvania, overturned elections and prosecutions of a pennsylvania congressman in philadelphia area. we have forces of corruption at work in our elections across the country. voter i.d. will help us put an end to some of that. >> and governor signed it and passed but only applies to the general election. those that are going to vote in the primary, 24th of april they don't have to produce one. so you are giving breathing room on this one? >> it's a soft rule we're going to require the election workers ask for i.d. during the primary. that will help with
, pennsylvania, rhode island, new york, indiana, west virginia, north carolina, you've got to go all the way through those states and to may 15th before you get to the oregon primary, but oregon republicans wanted to hold their debate next week, because what? what, the republican candidates were going to look down the field and decide from this vantage point that on march 19th it was going to be worth it to spend a day in oregon instead of any of the other states that vote before that on the calendar? i do not know what the oregon republican party was thinking, but they thought, apparently, they were going to get all of the republican presidential candidates to fly up to oregon for a debate next week, so when one of those candidates cancelled, mitt romney has bailed on the idea, oregon republicans, surprise, had to call the whole thing off. where mitt romney is going instead of oregon is across the street from right here, actually, after rick santorum accused the fox news channel earlier this week of shilling, in his words, for mitt romney, mr. romney decided to make fox news awkward about t
working class sacrifice, anxiety ies, fears, in ohio, in pennsylvania, in indiana, in illinois. it's, if you put joe biden up against rick santorum, i think i know who i like in the fight. >> he's the star of the day today. i want to get one more bite of biden outlining what is basically his closing argument. this is the choice you face with these candidacies. let's listen to this. >> it's a choice, a clear choice. a choice between a system that's rigged and a system that's fair. a system that says everyone will be held accountable for their actions, not just the middle class. a system that trusts the workers on the line instead of listening to the folks up in the suites. folks, that's the choice. it's a stark choice. and in my mind, it's not even a close call. >> who better to send out there to give that speech? >> i mean, you know, when we're running against mitt romney, the guy from the suite, i mean -- >> the guy who owns the suite. >> who owns the suite. my question is, why does biden keep referencing gingrich who clearly has no chance to win and is just sort of a dead man wal
seeded indiana tomorrow. >>> some of the local teams didn't fare as well as vcu. loyola of maryland lost to ohio state 78-59 yesterday. that loss ended a record near for the greyhounds, they won 24, the most in school history. loyola won a single game eight years ago. that was the year before current head coach jimmy pastos took over the program. >>> georgetown is in action today. the hoyas take on belmont. georgetown is a three seed in this year's tournament. it's only favored by -- favored to win by four points. head coach john thompson says he knows from experience that even dominant teams can be vulnerable in the ncaa tournament if they're not prepared and focused. >> numbers next to the name mean nothing. if nothing else, we've learned that the last couple of years. if you don't come out ready to play, if you don't come out sharp, you know, all 64, 65 teams can win. can win that game that they're participating in. so you have to -- you have to be sharp. not worry about seeding at all. >> georgetown plays belmont at 3:10 this afternoon. >>> we know that march madness causes a drop in
on fourth seeded indiana tomorrow. >>> a whole new meaning to this phrase -- march madness causes a big drop in productivity. >> in more ways than one. apparently causes a surge in vasectomies. doctors advise men to take it easy after undergoing a vasectomy. a lot of men plan the procedure around the biggest tournament of the year so they can loggy gag on the so -- loggygag on the sofa. the number the vasectomies jumped 50% during the first week of the tournament. as if they didn't get enough of a good deal, many doctors are offering perks -- i don't get it -- such as 3d glasses. 3d glasses? t-shirts and pizza. >> what are you supposed to watch with the 3d glasses -- >> right. i didn't know the games were televised in 3d. >> how about some vodka? boy. >>> the wizards put rebuilding -- put rebuilding mode in high gear with some moves at the trade deadline. washington has traded away center javale mcgee and guard nick young in a three-team trade. mcgee and forward turiaf are headed to denver. young returning to his hometown of los angeles to become a clipper. in return, the wizards are getting
of the jurors and a personal story out of indiana of a couple who watched the storm in henryville. they were capturing it on video when they realized their own lives were in grave danger. sadly, one did not make it. also, a story that's caused both outrange and pain. a young soldier's photo used ads on a dating website. the problem is, he was killed in iraq more than four years ago. the family says the sites took the photo without permission. >> now, outrage, fear and calls for a high level investigation into the sanford, florida police department. the man who admitted to shooting an unarmed 17-year-old boy who died nearly three weeks ago continues to walk the streets. today, the mayor said 911 recordings from the night trayvon martin was killed will be made public. in fact, we can tell you right now, we know that trayvon's family is listen to those calls at this moment. 28-year-old george zimmerman was on gated watch duty when he crossed paths with martin, who was there visiting family. zimmerman said he called 911 to report a suspicious person. they told him not to approach martin and mart
states. and we are not going to let these jobs go on a slow boat to china on the internet to indiana or on a fast -- india or a fast track to mexico. >> the notion that it was the only way to save the industry. it didn't happen in the airline industry. >> the airline industry wasn't facing liquidation. we will be right back, though, with this discussion with tom ♪ ♪ >> we were in the middle a discussion about the policies that the these candidates could take onto actually create jobs in herring. and, tomamerica, i want to ask you about this all seriousness, we can dissolve to talking points. how do you create jobs in the united states when we are in a global economy. when you have economic competitors like china, germany, like russia, like i india who are actively intervening in their markets to be able to get jobs and to get our jobs, who are aggressive about going after it, and the idea of relying upon our economic theory which was very valid in the last century or two, hands off trickle down, but the world has changed because
indiana. >>> syracuse leading unc asheville by three with 35 seconds left. syracuse's inbound pass goes, but the ref gives the ball to the orange. syracuse holds on to win, the orange avoiding becoming the first number one team to fall to a six-team seed. >>> harvard back in the tournament for the first time since 1946, taking on the harvard of the south, vanderbilt. the s.e.c. champions too much for the crimson, but vandy sank free throws to win. 79-70, they move on to win wisconsin. number two seed, ohio state against 15th seeded loyola of maryland. eric etherly, you're going to see him make a monster dunk here. it was such a monster dunk that a crew had to come out and fix the net afterwards. that was the biggest highlight for the greyhounds, though, ohio state moves on to play gonzaga. that's a look at your march madness highlights. but in honor of march madness, we have a video you have to see. it's an insane basketball shot made from a helicopter. here's cnn's jeannie moos. >> reporter: most basketball players are tall, but sinking one from this height is ridiculous. now, we've se
. this year's death toll mounting. 11 dead when a massive ef-4 touched down in jefferson county, indiana. that was two weeks ago. 10 people were killed in lawrence town, kentucky, on that same day. that funnel cloud rated an ef-3. two days before that, in illinois, ef-4 took out seven lives. 55 people dead by twisters so far in 2012. >> bill, critics are saying new study on most tornado prone states may be misleading. weather channel measures number of twisters per 10,000 square miles, on that scale, florida comes in number one. places in tornado alley like kansas and oklahoma, rated second and sixth. some meteorologists saying florida's geographic conditions perfect for producing tornados year-round but they tend to be small and weak and short lived. bill: five minutes past the hour. how about six bucks a gallon for gasoline. saying that could happen if israel goes to war with iran. right now the national average, $3.83. up more than three cents from a month ago. earlier this morning on "fox and friends", newt gingrich slammed the white house what he said was policy for relying on forei
of consumer protection in the office of the indiana attorney general. with that, i give you michael bloom, our moderator. thank you. [applause] >> well, thanks, folks and good afternoon. this panel i suspect will be very interesting and informative and let's just get right to it. we are going to talk about fraud directed at the elderly. seems to be a natural question. why do we have a special panel on fraud on the elderly? there is research that concerns particular vulnerabilities, that older folks may have to make them more susceptible than others to certain kinds of frauds. i would like to start then with betsy about some of the research that the aarp may have done concerning those kind of vulnerabilities. if you could give us some of those, those factors that make older folks more vulnerable perhaps to the frauds you're talking about here today? >> it's on. okay. i want to first put it in perspective. there are not a great many of statistics how many elderly are victimized but we know elderly financial abuse is dramatically underreported. maybe 24 people are victimized for any one reported
: indiana. steve. a democrat there. caller: we should have never been in afghanistan, iraq, and we need to tell israel to live iran alone because they are the ones causing all of the problems for us. guest: well, first, i guess i have come to agree that the invasion of iraq was a mistake. at the time, i thought it was justified, as a lot of people did, but it's in the costs and benefits it is hard to come -- but seeing the costs and benefits, it is hard to come to that conclusion. if you go back to 2001, most americans had the feeling that we had to take the fight to the people that had done this. it is hard to think that we would not have gone into afghanistan. the question is how hard, how long, and i have been -- as i said earlier, i have learned that smaller footprint makes sense. in terms of israel and iran, it is clear president obama and most officials and commanders think it would be a mistake for israel to attack iran and trigger another war that is not as useful as it should be in dealing with the iranian nuclear problem and has enormous consequences that could catch us up in
. there are strong favorites for santorum in all likelihood, then wisconsin, indiana, illinois, north carolina, that are kind of the battlegrounds where turnout is likely to matter a great deal. but again, i think with 41% of the vote last time being evangelical in illinois, you have to give the edge to romney. that managerial wing of the party that's pretty comfortable, but santorum is within reach. >> i know you wrote an article stronger but not secure as far as a description of where the president is. how does he get secure? >> i don't know if he does. first of all in a more polarized, it's harder. is it possible to be president of more than half the country, and whether we will see someone get to the 59% or so that ronald reagan did, but the key is obviously economic improvement. 9 big thing that changed in our heartland monitor poll we do every quarter is 60% of the americans say they expect the economy to do better over the next year, and that is the tail wind. you're also seeing an important separation, white collar americans are beinging more optimistic. they're beginning to see their
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